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    Mandoub Mabi3at - Arabic

  • Release Date

    17 Aug 2023

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Saeed, a manager and owner of a sales company in the Gulf, needs a group of employees to work as sales representatives in order to try new approaches to get closer to the beautiful businesswoman, Farida. Boumi and Saeed, the neighbors, along with their unemployed and helpless relatives who are unable to perform their household duties, get kicked out of their homes by their wives, Badria and Fathiya. They become the substitute employees who travel for work as sales representatives, and Kareem, the first employee in Saeed's company, exploits them to seize their money from salaries and bonuses with the help of his fiancée, Dalal.

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Ozone Cinema –Jahra Hayawain

Bolly Khaitan- By Ozone

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باختيار هذه المقاعد، أؤكد التزامي بتعريفها المذكور أدناه بالإضافة للالتزامي بكافة شروط الدخول الخاصة بوزارة الصحة ووزارة الاعلام وشركة السينما الكويتية الوطنية:

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