A young man in his mid-thirties. An orphan, he was raised in a shelter from a young age and began working at the shelter after he reached ten years of age. Shehab is a responsible and ambitious man since childhood. He loves music, which led him to get to know one of the DJs at a wedding and he has been working with him since his childhood. A wealthy man adopts Shehab after the death of his father and considers him as his son. Shehab grows up and becomes the most important music producer in Egypt, but he is exposed to a plot and is imprisoned for 5 years. He then goes out to take revenge with the help of his younger brother and his friends from the shelter where he grew up, where we see a special relationship, he has with a young child from the shelter which he treats him like his younger brother.

Release Date - 15 Feb 2024

Censor Rating -

Genres - Action

Language - N/A